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We offer training courses and followup that entitle the participants to certification on a range of ValueFirst subjects, and to various levels of proficiency.

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Certification Subjects


You can obtain certification in two main subject areas:
Product Development & Inspection.
Product Development consists of three parts.

Value Requirements: Expertise in how you capture and specify outcome requirements; quantified, measurable and in such a way that it captures the improvement needs of the stakeholders.

Value Decisions: Expertise in how you prioritize towards Value Requirements. Multidimensional and quantified.

Value Delivery: Expertise in how you structure your project to deliver Value Requirements improvement, early and frequently.

Lean SpecQC (formerly Inspection) consists of two parts.

Lean SpecQC Leader: Expertise in how you lead an Lean SpecQC team. Quantified and Optimized.

Lean SpecQC Process Owner: Expertise in how you lead the Lean SpecQC effort in your company or department.


Certification Level

For each Certification Subject, you can obtain expertise graded to three levels.

Trained: Requires an in-depth training course.

Praxis: Requires the Trained Level plus that you have used the subject expertise in a real project.

Maestro: Requires 2 years of Praxis on real projects, plus a one day Maestro class or equivalent.

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