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Learn to Succeed in Product Development


ValueFirst Requirements Online Course 

Master how you gather, specify and communicate the requirements most critical for succeeding in your projects.
They must be unambiguous, clear, quantified, measurable and testable.
The requirement specifications must correctly describe the outcomes your customers expect.
They must be written, so the development team understands what they must deliver to succeed.
They must contain the values that if achieved, constitute success, as experienced by your customers.

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1 Week Course Program - 24 Hour Access

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5 Week Course Program (a little bit every day) + Keep it for years

ValueFirst Online Requirement Course 
- Full Access

Access to all the exercises, but no personal feedback on the exercises you submit.

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5 Week Course Program (a little bit every day) + Keep it for years

ValueFirst Online Requirement Course 
- Full Access

Mentor: Kai Gilb will personally review and give you feedback on the exercises you submit.

+ Extras

1. Weekly Principles

2. 5 weeks free access to ValPlan

3. eBook Evo


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5 Week Course Program (a little bit every day) + Keep it for years

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One-On-One followup video conference with Kai Gilb.
2 sessions each 30 min.
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The Problem:

One of the most significant factors for failure in projects, including well-executed agile projects,
is the failure to capture, define, communicate, develop and deliver the outcome that defines success.

Most projects suffer from a lack of well-specified end-state or outcome requirements.
We tend to jump too early to describing and developing the technical solutions, without first understanding the requirements well.

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Course Objectives:

On this course, you acquire practical skills to improve your projects most critical requirements.

You will be able to identify, classify and specify critical project and stakeholder requirements.

You will be able to distinguish, Solutions from Functions from Quality, Value and Performance Requirements.

You will be able to quantify all variable requirements.

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Learn to succeed in product development


Course Advantages:

a complete method for tackling all the requirements critical to succeed in projects.

Bar none

the most advanced and comprehensive course on requirements specification in the world.


for those of you who know you must have the state-of-the-art requirements methods because you run critical projects and cannot afford sloppy requirements to threaten success.


distinguished from others by its ability to integrate multiple quantified quality and cost requirements, with functions and constraints.


permits and encourages detailed specification of requirements, not just simple ambiguous and vague statements.

Agile with control

manage both small and large complex projects with a summary of all the most critical requirements of the project on one page, all quantified.

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Leading companies all over the world report achieving great results
from these specific techniques.

Companies like Boeing, BOSCH, Credit Suisse, Philips, Qualcomm,
Schlumberger, Nokia, Citigroup, HP and many more.

Over 20,000 engineers at Intel have learned the ValueFirst requirements methods.

Smaller firms, like Confirmit, report fantastic numeric results, year after year.
All driven by clear, quantified requirements.

On this online course Kai Gilb will teach and mentor you through your learning process.

We invite you to learn how to master the requirements
process, to lead projects to success.

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Your new skill set:

We have a growing number of people and projects that have mastered these skills, and they are continuously out-performing their competitors' hands down.

This course teaches you how.

Professionals with a ValueFirst Requirement Certification have the skill to write Requirements with a focus on expressing the real need and values of the Stakeholders.

After this course, you will be able to take a text, sometimes called a requirement specification or a user story or the like, and re-write it into a clean set of outcomes describing the success of the project.

This is a skill few people have, a compelling skill. There is nothing like this available anywhere else.

This skill set adds tremendous value to any project and project style. It is a skill set sorely lacking in traditional project management methods as well as in the new Agile development methods (Lean, Scrum, XP, etc.).

With properly defined Value Requirements that define the successful outcomes, you have defined what your project is really about.
You have enabled the project to know what success looks like.
Your team can now, unlike before, unlike the competition, go get it, go create that success.

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Value Requirements - Trained

By completing the training, in this 5 week course, you will be issued the certification - Value Requirements - Trained. 

Read more about the Certification here:

I will personally be there with you, giving you feedback and answering any question you might have.

Throughout the course, I'm there.
After every lesson, whether it is a lesson where you learn new content, or where you take a quiz or one where you do an exercise, there is a discussion board where you can ask in-depth questions, express an idea or discuss the topic. And I'm actively participating to maximize the learning for you.

When you purchase the GOLD plan, I will personally give you any necessary feedback on the exercises you submit. That is, throughout the course, you will be guided through various exercises to enhance your learning. You submit these to me. I will read them and give you feedback to make sure you have no problems and have understood everything.

I also offer One on One Video conference time with me.

- Kai Gilb

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Frequently Asked Questions

The lessons are delivered in weekly increments. Every week for 5 weeks you get new lessons with new exercises to accomplish.

Yes, email me at [email protected]

Let me know who to send the invoice to and what Plan you like.

And I will send you an invoice you can pay over a regular bank transfer.


When you pay using a Credit Card, an official receipt is emailed to you right away.
If you need country-specific information on the receipt that is not on the standard one, email me your needs to [email protected], and we will create one for you.

If you pay by invoice and bank transfer, just let me know what you need, and we will send it to you.

For life, as in the life of our service. This should be many years. So you can retake the course after you have practiced what you have learned on the course and you have matured your understanding, and you will deepen your comprehension of the material.

One course fee is for one person only.

You purchase one license for one person.
If several people can benefit from the training, contact me for a company/group discount.

Yes, email me at [email protected], and we can set up a telephone meeting where you tell me your needs.
Yes, you will get group discounts.

My challenge is to teach the maximum amount of content in each short video. So each video is between 5 and 15 min. Most are about 6-8 min.
There are 57 Video Lessons
That are organized into 20 main categories.
+ there are 12 quizzes spread out throughout the course
+ and 23 videos where I go through exercises/examples.
And I keep adding content that you will get access to as it rolls out.

Undervisning er uten merverdiavgift

Undervisning er ett av områdene som er unntatt merverdiavgift.

Undervisningstjenester kjennetegnes først og fremst ved at formålet er å formidle kunnskap/opplæring.

Unntaket for undervisningstjenester gjelder undervisning i både offentlig å privat regi. Og både tradisjonelle undervisningstjenester og fritidsrettet undervisning er omfattet av unntaket.

Det ligger også i undervisningsbegrepet at det skal være dialog mellom lærer og elev/student.

ValueFirst kurset innholder dialog mellom lærer og kursdeltakere gjennom hele kurset. Vi er derfor innenfor mva-unntaket her.

An easy-peasy user interface combined with top-notch technology.

makes the whole experience a pleasant one.

Discussion-Boards Quizzes Completion-Tracking

When you have a question, a thought, an input. I will be there to discuss it with you on the discussion board integrated into every lesson.

Integrated Quizzes and Lesson Completion Tracking and more make the experience a smooth one

Lessons in 4K Video

The videos are shot and delivered in 4K. You can run the lesson videos on a Big screen or a high definition screen, and the video lessons look sharp.

SmartPhone Optimized

The interface and the videos are optimized to display and play gorgeously on your smartphone and your Big screen, Laptop and Tablet. 

Speed-up or See it again and again

You can run that lesson again and again; I never tire teaching on video.

If I'm talking too slow, you can speed me up.

If after seeing a few lessons, you leave it for a few days, when you get back it will pick it up where you left it.

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Must see video! What you will learn!

What every person involved in product development should know.


I'm interested

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What!!! a 120% Money Back Guarantee


That's right, a 120% money back guarantee. I will refund you 120% of the course fee if you claim you know of any better techniques for specifying and quantifying outcome requirements.

That is how much I stand behind this course. What you will learn here is simply unmatched anywhere.
The conditions are as follows. Within 30 days of your purchase:
1. You must have submitted all exercises to prove that you have given the course your best shot.
2. You know of better techniques for defining and quantifying outcome requirements, and you educate me on why they are better. I don't have to agree, but you must mean it, that's it.
3. I will refund you 120% of your course fee. I would welcome it because if there is something better out there, I want to learn it.

You also get a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. No conditions.

Students report benefitting, for the rest of their career, from the skills they learned on this course. I'm sure this will hold true for you too, so sure that I will give you the 100% and the 120% money back guarantee.

If you have any doubt about the quality of the content, my delivery or your own ability to make use of the skills you will learn on this course, then you can rest assured with this unique 100% & 120% money back guarantee.

I have bought any risk you might have in purchasing this course.

- Kai Gilb - CEO Gilb International


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Do you like to try before you buy? I love that. Get one day of access to the first part of the course. Start learning and get hooked.


Change your company culture

Why not get everyone trained. Make substantial improvements in your company culture. Become the best product development company in your domain by far, the company everyone wants to do business with. Known for delivering on time, under budget, high-quality products and services.

Email me to set up a call where we can discuss your needs, your culture and the improvements you aim to accomplish.

From ten to thousands of people in product development, we can take care of your needs. It all starts with an email to start the discussion.

At Intel, they have trained 20000 + engineers in these techniques, and they have benefited greatly. At Confirmit they trained everyone in their small company (about 20 people in the beginning), they quickly outperformed their competitors 10 times over, they took over the world marked in their domain because of it.

Do you want to learn what is possible? Send us an email, and together we can find out.

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"I really enjoyed the interactive nature of this course. This is quite an accomplishment in an online course. Love the energy of Kai. You can tell and feel that he has his heart in this. Great stories make the learning stick. Love the "Tesla vs. Think" and the "AT&T" stories. I cannot wait to apply this to our business and enjoy the benefits. Thanks for a great course, Kai!"

Björn Persson
Agile Organization Coach at ProAgile

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