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ValueFirst Product-Owner Superpowers Training


For PO's who want to excel in leading their teams to deliver:

1. Delivering value to their stakeholders.
2. Completing projects on time and under budget.

- systematically & repeatedly.

3. Leading teams with clarity and efficiency.


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Introducing the Superpowers


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Do you identify with any of these problems?

Are your customers underwhelmed with your deliveries?
Are your development teams struggling to deliver and show value to the business?
Is it difficult for your developers to understand exactly what your stakeholders need?
Are products delivered late and over budget?
Are you building up technical dept?
Do you lack a clear systematic way to prioritize?

ValueFirst Product-Owner Superpowers

You will learn the Superpowers needed to lead your team to success - for real!

Capture the real needs of your customers

Meet your customers and your other stakeholders with the skillset and confidence to capture their real needs, even when they do not know how to express it well.

Translate their technical requirements into outcomes expressed quantitatively.

Clear Outcomes, not tasks

Specify the outcomes clearly. In such a way that the development team understands exactly what outcomes they are required to create.

Give the development team the freedom to use their technical skills and creativity by not telling them what to do, but what outcomes to achieve.

Prioritization Superskills

Prioritize with the development team and your stakeholders dynamically, logically, and openly.

With Value Decision Tables, you can identify what solutions gives the maximum numeric value for a minimum of development resources.

Deliver Quantified Outcomes

A shift from managing tasks, solutions, and user-stories, to delivering actual value to your stakeholders.

This little shift is another real superpower that yields impressive results. But to do it requires the use of the other PO superpowers, like quantification of outcomes.

What Every Successful Product-Owner should know!

Three videos that help you understand how to deliver world-class products on-time-every-time.

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If You Can't Quantify It, You Can't Control It

"Greatest workshop to define quantitative measurable actionable Value requirements that I had in all my career. Thanks for great intro to a new journey of defining the 'right thing to do' for all kinds of 'customers'."

Sven Schnee - Senior Agilist - IT Consulting

Quantify Desired Outcomes

You will learn how to quantify any stakeholder value that is critical for success, and any quality attribute of your products and services.

You will learn how to distinguish and separate Stakeholder Values, Product Values, Functions, and Solutions.

Evaluate and Prioritise Technical Solution and Tasks

Learn how to use Value Decision Tables to systematically, numerically and openly evaluate the best solutions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Value Decision Tables is a great team communication tool for letting everyone contribute with their skills and see why specific choices are made.

Deliver Value every Sprint

Every sprint, starting with the very first one, should be focused on delivering quantified improvements to your stakeholders. They should not be focused on technical solutions that might be valuable, but real numeric improvements of desired outcomes, instead.

With this Value Delivery technique, you will learn to combine long term outcome focused thinking with short-term action. A deadly combination.

Get Insights of What You Will Learn in This Workshop Directly From Kai Gilb


"Amazing, mind-opening and very inspiring! big thanks for the amazing, entertaining and very inspiring training."

Piotr Kraciuk
Software Maintenance Manager - Britenet

"Interesting, valuable and fun course! "

Elisabeth Svenson
Product Owner - Volvo Car Retail Solutions AB

"Kai managed to put planning in a whole new, value-focused perspective that support our companies OKR process."

Roland Geringer
Head of Product - HolidayCheck AG

"The training helped me to improve our company’s OKRs tremendously! "

Mathias Gorf
Executive Advisor - Agile and OKR - HolidayCheck Group AG

"A must-visit for any decider in the current digital environment "

Christoph Lachner
Team Lead Project Management - intive

What makes ValueFirst POs so much more effective?

The ValueFirst Superpower techniques for Product Owners are unprecedented in enabling Product Owners and their teams to succeed in their product development efforts.

This course will teach you exactly how to focus all efforts on delivering value to your business, your customers, and to your critical stakeholders. You will learn how to steer your development team to create products and services with both user desirable attributes such as: user-friendliness, performance, security, and long-term architectural attributes such as: portability, adaptability, and low maintenance cost.

In regular Agile training, there are just about zero techniques taught to Product Owners on one of the most critical skill sets for being a successful Product Owner, and that is, how to prioritize intelligently. POs are typically left with an oversimplified rating schema of a low, medium, or high priority, ratings given purely from opinions, or worse, from political motives.

The ValueFirst Product Owner uses Value Decision Tables to systematically and numerically evaluate various solution ideas on their ability to create the desired outcomes compared to their costs. By changing the focus in this way, towards delivering value to stakeholders, where the solutions are only justified by their ability to create the desired outcomes, teams led by ValueFirst Product-Owners repeatedly succeed where others fail.

Some teams report increasing their effectiveness 10X or more. Some companies have wiped the competition clean to the extent that the competition goes bankrupt. Product-Owners with these superpower skill sets are rare and highly valuable to product development companies.

That is why you should consider joining our ValueFirst Product Owner Superpower training. The workshop is conducted directly by Kai Gilb. Book your seat in a workshop now.

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Who is this training for?

We assume all participants already have basic or advanced Product-Owner knowledge and skills. 

This training is for the Product-Owner who:

  • Has experienced the lack of useful tools and techniques supporting the PO role.  
  • Want specific tools and techniques to be able to meet their stakeholders with confidence. Knowing how to capture their stakeholders' real needs, even when the stakeholders don't know how to express these needs.
  • Wants to be the best Product-Owner they can be and lead their team to success.
  • Really care about delivering maximum value to their stakeholders.



By completing the workshop, you will be issued the certification -
Value Requirements - Trained
Value Decisions - Trained
Value Delivery - Trained

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