Product Owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, System Engineers, System Architects & CTO.

How our Customers Deliver every Project
On-Time, Under-Budget, and to High-Quality.

Without increasing their workload!

We will show you exactly what we teach our clients, like Intel and Schlumberger, enabling them to succeed in product development where others fail. Absolutely Free!

You will also learn these 3 secrets to simplify your success:

1. How to wow your customers with early results, even on straightforward projects.

2. How to quantify any value in less than 5 minutes.

3. How to minimise your workload dramatically.

Hosted by
Kai Gilb - CEO of Gilb International.
International Teacher, Speaker, Author

Free electronic copy of our bestselling book - Competitive Engineering - to all Live event participants.

Next Live event to be announced soon.

(Due to this being a LIVE event,
it has a very limited number of spots available.)


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