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Life Design - eBook

What We Are Not Going to Do in this booklet

  • suggest specific 'life-changing' ideas to succeed
  • tell you what to do: you will find your own solutions for your own goals
  • lock you into any process which does not deliver your values
  • tell you what your own personal values are: but we'll help you figure them out
  • Help you cope directly with instant emergencies: this is longer term thinking

Our Life Improvement Steps

  1. Clarify your Value Sources: what and who are your guides and inspirations?
  2. What are your very own real core values for your long-term life?
  3. What are your show stoppers, red lines, constraints, borders?
  4. What big ideas do you want to consider, to get your values?
  5. Let’s estimate how good those ideas are, for reaching your dreams
  6. It is often useful to chop up a big idea (years to do), into small practical steps (weeks)
  7. And then try out a small practical step, to see if it really gives you your value
    if it does, great! If not replan. Find better ideas; some will hopefully work better
  8. Try out some more small value-delivery steps:
  9. Repeat anything above when you feel the need.

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