Weekly Principles with Kai & Tom Gilb

Weekly Principles

with Kai & Tom Gilb

How to learn something that remains useful over time, that one can build upon year after year, so as to not only become an expert this year, but long into one's old age and beyond. Tom has for the last 30 years passed his knowledge on to me, his son and business partner. And now, if you like, we will pass it on to you.

What you are about to embark upon, if you so choose, is the knowledge acquired by Tom from 1964 and Kai from 1986, summarized in the form of Principles.

We will, once a week, for 33 weeks, in a short 2 to 15 minute video, share and discuss principles about how you can improve success in Project & People Management, Product Development, Delivery & Quality Assurance. The Principles are true golden nuggets of wisdom that are priceless to those who understand and act upon them. We will bring up a principle, shed some light on what it means, why it is important and how to implement it in practice.

Our goal is that over time, your profound knowledge will grow and that you will make some of the principles your own. We aspire to that the principles will support you in your success in your projects and in your life. We would also love to bring a little smile to your face once a week.

4 Weeks of “Weekly Principles with Kai & Tom Gilb” is completely free. We hope you will join us for the journey.


Kai Gilb & Tom Gilb



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