Kick-Ass Project

This 18-day online video workshop is custom made for Startups and Small projects. Very powerful for projects with one person (just you) to projects with 10 people in it. You will learn the same principles and techniques I teach to large organizations. However, it is scaled down and simplified to be easy to learn and practical to implement. This is what I use for my own startup projects.

What you will learn is invaluable to startups and anyone doing product development. If you are developing an iPhone app or building a website or a small store, this is perfect. If you are hosting an event or creating a product, this workshop is invaluable.

There is nothing like this anywhere. All other methods focus on organizing people and tasks. This is the only method that has full focus on what matters, delivering improvements to your users and customers. It is so different and way better than any other techniques that they do not even collide. You can use any method that focuses on organizing people and tasks, like GTD, Scrum, etc. together with Kick-Ass project. The closest you get to Kick-Ass is Lean Startup. If you like Lean Startup, you will love Kick-Ass. While Lean Startup focus on optimizing sales, Kick-Ass focus on making a Kick Ass product or service. They also work very well together.

It is a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes of videos. So that you will get just the right amount of ideas per day, the workshop is delivered in daily lessons. Each day, for 18 days, you will receive a new lesson. Each day builds on the next.

Lessons titles
1. Two Keys to Successful Project Management
2. Kick-Ass Project Learning Cycle - a method overview
3. Envisioning Success - 3 Critical Dimensions
4. How to specify Functions
5. How to specify Value
6. How to specify Solutions
7. Stakeholder Identification
8. Value Decisions - Comparing Apples and Oranges
9. Value Impact - Explained
10. Value Decisions - Water Boiler
11. Envisioning Success - Levels.
12. Overview - from Vision to Action
13. Action
14. Develop
15. Deliver
16. Measure
17. Learn
18. the One Page Project Example
19. Final Review.

Kick-Ass project is so simple, yet surprising at every turn. It is so obvious when presented, yet unique. More importantly, it works, it works so well that some of my clients have literary wiped out the competition as a direct result of them getting so great that the competition could not compete. In the class, I will tell you about Confirmit and how they did just that. It is so powerful that Intel has trained 20.000 people in these techniques, that is right, these exact techniques from us Tom & Kai Gilb. This is your opportunity to learn the techniques, without having to work at Intel or having to break the bank to get consultancy from me.

I am sure you will learn how to succeed in planning, developing and delivering your product or service.

Kai Gilb



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