Value First Requirements Workshop

Held in Oslo, Göteborg, Vienna, Linz, London, Munich & Amsterdam (or Breukelen)

Defining Success Requirements - High-Level Results & Outcomes

This workshop is also popular as an In-House workshop. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your needs.


Intended for:
CTOs, Project managers, Scrum Product Owners. and people in charge of purchasing large systems, Requirements Authors and their managers. Architects.


How to Succeed in Product Development
Are you trying to succeed with different development methodologies, but constantly failing to impress your customers and your management.
Are you constantly learning and trying out new agile techniques, but you have customers that are unhappy, and you struggle with management understanding.
You need to learn how to specify the real improvements your customers desire; quantified, measurable and testable. This has proven to give management support, and it leads directly to overwhelming customer satisfaction and project success.

The course gives certification. Value Certification - Trained





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