Academy Services

Lecturing Services

Need a speaker that can set the key for the rest of a conference. Or do you need someone to entertain you at you...

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Consultancy Services

We are here to help you succeed in delivering projects, on time, under budget to demanding quality levels.

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ValueFirst Online Course

Learn to Succeed in Product Development Master how you gather, specify and communicate the requirements most critica...

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Workshop: Value First

Held in Oslo, Göteborg, Vienna, Linz, London, Munich & Amsterdam (or Breukelen) Defining Success...

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Norwegian Only: Risikohåndtering i tekniske prosjekter - 07 og 08 Mai 2019

– praktiske metoder på ingeniørnivå Dette kurset gir deg nye og praktiske metoder for &arin...

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Weekly Principles with Kai & Tom Gilb

Weekly Principles with Kai & Tom Gilb How to learn something that remains useful over time, that one can build ...

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Workshop: Quality Control of Software Projects

This next workshop will be in Oslo Norway in Norwegian. Kvalitetssikring av softwareprosjekter Lær hvor...

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Kick-Ass Project

This 18-day online video workshop is custom made for Startups and Small projects. Very powerful for projects with one...

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Value Certification

Training courses and followup that entitle the participants to certification on a range of subjects, and to various l...

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Competitive Engineering

Free! A Handbook For Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, and Software Engineering Using Planguage. Direc...

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Clear Communication eBook

Who is this book aimed at? This book is aimed at young professionals. People still making their way in a complex, ...

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Evo Book manuscript

  The easiest read on these subjects Requirements, Project Planning, Design, Execution   How successful...

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