We help CEOs and Product Development Companies

whos teams struggle to deliver within deadlines and budgets
and who normally deliver underwhelming value to their customers

by training them to
quantify and measure all expected customer improvements
and to prioritise accordingly.

They learn to deliver early, within budget, consistently
and they become masters at
delivering world-class products and services
that the business and customers love.  


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We help our customers
Deliver #ValueFirst

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Value Planning Book - The Digital Version

About the Book Value Planning (VP) means you will elicit and clarify critical stakeholder values quantitatively, and...

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100 Practical Planning Principles eBooklet

Author: Tom Gilb Life is getting more complex, isn't it, and it's changing a lot? Wouldn’t you like 100 ...

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Evo eBook

Evolutionary Project Management and Product Developmentor How to create faster, more user-friendly and more prod...

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Clear Communication eBook

Who is this book aimed at? This book is aimed at young professionals. People still making their way in a complex, ...

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Innovative Creativity - eBook

Author: Tom Gilb A short 106 page booklet. Do you want to be more creative? This book focuses on practical t...

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A short 100-double A5 page booklet. On 100 practical tools for projects and planning. These Technoscopes, tools for...

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Life Design - eBook

What We Are Not Going to Do in this booklet suggest specific 'life-changing' ideas to succeed tell you what to do...

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Competitive Engineering

Free! A Handbook For Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, and Software Engineering Using Planguage. Direc...

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Value Certification

Training courses and followup that entitle the participants to certification on a range of subjects, and to various l...

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ValueFirst Online Course

Learn to Succeed in Product Development Master how you gather, specify and communicate the requirements most critica...

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Value First Requirements Workshop

Held in Oslo, Göteborg, Vienna, Linz, London, Munich & Amsterdam (or Breukelen) Defining Success...

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Consultancy Services

We are here to help you succeed in delivering projects, on time, under budget to demanding quality levels.

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