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Your Project Development Team should not feel unable to deliver great products

Our technical know-how is underutilised

We do not quantify stakeholder values

We can't keep deadlines

We run over the budget

Our C-level do not integrate Agile

We are frustrated by our situation


Receive Your Complimentary Gift, the best selling book 'Competitive Engineering'

How Much is Delivering Late and Delivering Poor Quality costing your Business?

With this Handbook For Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, and Software Engineering, we’ll help you beat the confusion that’s holding back your team.

Used and proven by many organizations including HP, Intel, CitiGroup, IBM, Nokia and the US Department of Defense.

Detailed, practical and innovative coverage of key subjects including requirements specification, design evaluation, specification quality control and evolutionary project management.

A complete, proven and meaningful ‘end-to-end’ process for specifying, evaluating, managing and delivering high quality solutions.

Rich in detail and comprehensive in scope, with thought-provoking ideas on every page.

We Know How to Train and Motivate Your Team to Excel in Product Development

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"The training helped me to improve our company’s OKRs tremendously! "

Mathias Gorf
Executive Advisor - Agile and OKR - HolidayCheck Group AG

"Greatest workshop to define quantitative measurable actionable Value requirements that I had in all my career. Thanks for great intro to a new journey of defining the "right thing to do" for all kinds of "customers"."

Sven Schnee
Senior Agilist - IT Consulting

"A must-visit for any decider in the current digital environment "

Christoph Lachner
Team Lead Project Management - intive

"Interesting, valuable and fun course! "

Elisabeth Svenson
Product Owner - Volvo Car Retail Solutions AB

"Kai managed to put planning in a whole new, value-focused perspective that support our companies OKR process."

Roland Geringer
Head of Product - HolidayCheck AG

"Amazing, mind-opening and very inspiring! big thanks for the amazing, entertaining and very inspiring training."

Piotr Kraciuk
Software Maintenance Manager - Britenet

Your team will know how to prioritise their technical know how to deliver maximum value to the business with their available resources.

Your Team members know exactly how to capture and quantify any and all value improvements your customers might have.

The team delivers value to the customers - early, frequently and constantly.

The Team knows how to stay within the budget of time and money.

Your Team Develops Products and Services that your customers Love.

The CEO can promise on time deliveries of contracted Value to their customers.

Project Management, Developers & Engineers are motivated by technical freedom and creativity.

What Makes ValueFirst So Different?

The ValueFirst Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you and your teams how to move from a function, feature, and latest technology focus, and instead, you learn how to deliver value to the business and customers.

To enable this change, not just in saying 'value is important,' but in all actions, you have to learn how to quantify and measure all critical values.

This changes everything!
With quantified and measurable business, customer and product values up front to drive; development, decisions, prioritisation, risk, deliveries, budgets, and schedules. Many teams report increasing their effectiveness 10X or more.

Companies all around the world have made millions of dollars using the ValueFirst Framework.

But, how do you know how to do it right? How do you ensure your whole team knows how to focus on value delivery? That is why you should consider an in-house workshop to have everyone learn directly from Gilb. Book a meeting below and we can explore the possibilities.

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