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Evo eBook

- Evolutionary Project Management & Product Development

Author: Kai Gilb

Are you fed up with working with projects that deliver late, over budget and underwhelming value to the users?

Why do people pay high €$£ for product development?
To get improvements to the lives of a set of stakeholders. Improvements to stakeholders professional and private lives.
Yet, schools, courses, methods and books on product development do not focused on just that. So most projects fail to deliver high levels of improvements.

I understand how frustrating it can be working in a project where the team puts in a heroic effort, but the customers and users are unhappy with the results. - Kai Gilb

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • How to focus on improvements to stakeholders.
  • How to specify the improvements quantitatively.
  • How to create the improvements by prioritizing tasks, user stories, and technical solutions quantitatively against their cost and improvement ability.
  • How to deliver the improvements, early, continuously and in short cycles.

We have developed the methods and trained the trainers that have trained 20 000 + engineers at Intel.
HP, CitiGroup, and numerous small and grand companies around the world use the techniques you will learn in this book.

This book is for: Product Owners, Project Managers, Product Architects, CTOs, anyone involved in product development. It contains especially useful techniques for people involved with high-tech or competitive products.

To get started:
1. Purchase the Evo eBook
2. Read and learn the techniques.
3. Apply the techniques to your projects.