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Value Planning book - The Digital Version

Author: Tom Gilb

Value Planning (VP) means you will elicit and clarify critical stakeholder values quantitatively, and prioritize delivering those values, as soon as possible.

Do you have one of those desires?

  • Would you like to learn to communicate better?
  • Would you like to learn how to help other people to communicate with you better?
  • Would you like to learn how to make sure that your project always succeeds and never fail?
  • Would you like to learn how to deliver measurable value early in your projects, so people are blowing away with your competence?

We want to share with you the tricks of the trade of 6 decades of practical experience of what works and what doesn't in large industrial corporations and even in smaller businesses and start-ups.

It's a book called Value Planning, the subtitle is "Practical tools for clear management communication", and it's all about communication. It's based on a core of the book aimed to top management called Vision Engineering, teaching top management or anybody helping them, how to articulate their visions for objectives and strategies quantitatively so that everybody understands what those Visions are.

The core of the book is ten subsections, and the essential ideas in the paragraphs are: How do you, in practice, quantify nice-sounding-words-management-craps-and-visions? Because if you quantify them, you can clarify them, you can communicate them, and you can use them.

The second part: How do you understand the power or potential power of any strategy or idea laid by anybody on the table good or bad and relate this strategy to your Objectives and your Costs? 

The third part is "Risk evaluation". Risk is in every little detail, every little word in the plan, and we need to be aware of that. We have to document risks as they crop up, record the nature of the risk, see if we don't have solutions, leave information in our plan so we can get back to the risks and deal with them as early as possible.

The fourth part is "How do you decompose great ideas that may take years in total to implement into smaller chunks of value delivery so you can deliver high-value early?"

People don't know that we have some trick of the trade to teach you 20 great principles and a lot of practical experience. This book will help you look good soon, and this is part of Lean Approaches, doing things early, doing things right, and getting feedback soon.

Another component is prioritization. How do you intelligently prioritize? We have to prioritize dynamically, as we go, because external factors, politics, economics, and corporate things are changing all the time. We have to listen into exactly where we are with regarding at what we are doing at the moment, our project, and what happens externally. Based on them, make smart prioritization so that we get very high value for money.

Each sub-chapter, there are about 100 subsections which we call them, in the end, ten major chapters, is divided into easy-to-read nuggets. They all start with an essential fundamental principle. Then we follow up with practical case studies and real examples of how to do it and what the results are.

At the end of the subsection we get some practical ideas of what you might do this week at work, we give some suggestions for policies that you might like to have to implement this way and doing this in the organization.

We provide some quotations from some of the wisest people on the planet. Those are the giants on whose shoulders I've been standing on, and maybe you'd like to join us and stand on our shoulders too.  

So do you want to spend the next 20 years learning what doesn't work or would you like a little bit of a head start to save 10 or 20 years of your life and get some profound Wisdom that we can guarantee you will see working early, now this year?

So take a look! You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a short time.

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