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Innovative Creativity - eBook

Practical: people, the intended stakeholders,  will value the results (value and costs) in the real world today.

Purposeful:  is a result of working towards (pre-defined (but possibly modified later), stated in writing, and agreed), objectives and constraints.

Innovative: significant improvements in qualities, values and costs, compared to previously.

  • novus: ‘new’, Latin
  • but the main shift in thinking here is that, it is not the 'solution ideas' which are 'new' [11]
  • it is the 'results for people', that are 'new'
  • another term, more specific: is 'Value Innovation'
  • my main focus in this book, is not 'innovation' generally, in itself ('new stuff') but it is  'Value(s) levels', that we would like to have, as 'new' in the future.


Creativity (the 'Practical Purposeful' kind): a systematic process, of finding and validating solutions, to a stated problem, regarding better values, and lower costs.

  • Solutions do not have to be 'new' at all. [11,12]
  • On the contrary they can be, should be, tried and true.
  • Solutions just have to form part of a real and effective solution to the stated problem [13].
  • The practical creative person pulls in ideas that really work.
  • It is especially 'creative' to think of an idea, which is ten times more cost-effective than any colleague, working on the same problem, has thought of.
  • This probably means re-using 'ideas, with a history of working well, and being cost-effective.
  • This is, I admit,  'engineering', not 'art'. It is the art of engineering the results. Not creating 'unique' art.