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Author: Tom Gilb

These Technoscopes, tools for planning, are based on the Planning Language, Planguage, well proven industrially for decades.

We cover the following broad subjects:

1. Requirements; especially value and quality requirements quantified.

2. Designs, Strategies, Solutions for Value at low cost

3. Value Tables (Value Decision Process): the relationship between your ideals and your ideas

4. Spec QC: measurement of specification quality

5.  Evo: Evolutionary Agile Value Delivery Project Management

Each major subject is presented in terms of 20 distinct tools, which will give you practical ideas for your everyday work as a professional planner.

Most ideas can be cherry-picked and used immediately. Many of the ideas can be made to work together to give a bigger clearer picture of a complex problem.

These tools have been successfully used for decades by companies like Intel, Philips, Boeing, Ericsson, Citigroup, HP; often adopted corporate-wide because ‘This Stuff Works’ (Erik Simmons, Intel)

The Techoscopes work on small projects and scale up to the largest national government projects, in practice.

To get started:
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