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Evolutionary Development (Evo) or How to create faster, more user-friendly and more productive products

A large part of project management is about prioritizing; everything presented in this book is optimized to help you prioritize.

To prioritize effectively, the outcomes expected must be clear. In this book, you learn how to shift from a focus on function, feature and technical solutions to the outcomes expected by the various stakeholders. As our company slogan says, deliver ValueFirst.

The outcomes, the values, expected by stakeholders varies in degrees. They want more or less outcomes like User-friendliness, Security, Performance, Joy, and Efficiency. To grasp their desired level of outcomes, we define them quantified and measurable.

Now that we have moved from a technical focus to a focus on improvements in stakeholder desired outcomes. We have made the outcomes clear through quantification. Now we are set to prioritize effectively.

Kai Gilb

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Evolutionary Project Delivery Top 5 Principles


Evolutionary Delivery is a Learning cycle. Learn from reality. Learn from experience.


Learn early enough to change what needs changing before it is too late.


Small Evo Cycles gives small risk. By keeping them small, little is lost when a cycle fails to deliver.


The complex gets simpler and easier to handle by dividing it up into smaller parts.


All focus is on delivering Value to Stakeholders (Stakeholder Value or Product Quality).


The techniques you learn in this book are natural and logical and used by people working on the simplest to the most complex projects. They enhance small projects and the most challenging and competitive projects. Some teams combine Evo with Agile techniques such as Scrum to vastly enhance their teams' ability to deliver. Some use Evo straight up.



You learn how to prioritize considering multiple outcomes and costs, and how to deliver the outcomes to the stakeholders in short iterations to optimize feedback and learning throughout, so you can re-prioritize dynamically throughout the project.

Projects using Evo consistently outperform everyone else by 10X. Multiple case studies are in the book.


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