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Do you want to learn how to deliver your projects on time, under budget to demanding quality levels?

Tom & Kai Gilb have the expertise to help you succeed in your projects.

Our experience goes across disciplines (telecommunication, software, hardware, small products, multimillion-dollar projects, even environmental or aid projects).

We are here to help you succeed in delivering defined value to your stakeholders, on time, under budget to demanding quality levels.

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Please send us an email so we can explore the possibilities of us helping you succeed wildly in your projects.

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Popular Services

but we really need to talk to understand if and how we can best help you. We consult in many other different ways.

Follow-up after workshop

After holding an in-house workshop, we can follow up the workshop participants help them make the change and help them overcome their obstacles.
We help them define their real top 10 stakeholder values. We help them talk to their people to make them understand and get a bye-in. We help them establish the process. Anything to make them succeed.
This is highly appreciated by the course participants as it can be a little overwhelming at first. It ensures that the workshop gives the intended value to the projects.

Start-Up-Week Incubator

We spend five days where we do everything needed to get a project working on delivering value.
We specify the top 10 value requirements quantitatively.
We define the top 10 strategies.
We evaluate and prioritize the Strategies up against the Values in a Value Decision Table.
We identify and specify the highest value strategy that we will break down so you can develop and deliver part of it the next week.
This is learning by doing and will get any project, already started or new off to a flying start.


We mentor executive managers. Often over a year or more. Meetings on-site and over video chat or the phone.

This is perfect for someone who is transforming a department or company to succeed using value first techniques.

Exploring Possibilities

First, we need to discuss your situation, your challenges, your culture, your projects, your goals, and then we can see if and how we may help you succeed. It all starts with you initiating it by sending us an email; then we take it from there.


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