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Podcast Interview with Kai Gilb by Jussi of Scraping Toasts

Oct 06, 2020

Succeeding in product development with Kai Gilb by Jussi from Scraping Toasts

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So, hand on heart, how confident are you in your capability of developing new products or services, be it physical, digital or both? Wouldn’t it be great to...

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Agile Tools for Value Delivery by Tom Gilb (5 lectures totalling 12.6 hours)

Jun 08, 2020

Learn more and see Demo of ValPlan


(1) Value Requirements (3 hours  9 min)


(2) Value Design: Selection based on Qualities and Costs (3 hours 5 min) 


(3) Value Management: Super Management Techniques (2 hours 18 min)


 (4) Value Agile: How to refocus...

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ValueFirst Video Podcast 2: Stakeholders

Oct 29, 2019

ValueFirst Video Podcast with Tom & Kai Gilb

Stakeholders..., not merely users, surely not user-stories, not solely customers. To succeed, you got to get your Stakeholders right.

Join Tom Gilb & Kai Gilb as we discuss and joke about what needs to be done to succeed in product...

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ValueFirst Video Podcast 1: In Projects, why do Managers Bullshit about their Critical Values?

Oct 14, 2019

ValueFirst Video Podcast with Tom & Kai Gilb

See the whole interview with Elon Musk by the Everyday Astronaut - Tim Dodd.
A conversation with Elon Musk about Starship

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Empowering Creators - by Tom Gilb in English

Jun 25, 2019

Tom Gilbs Keynote at Empowering Creators

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The Happy Project Saboteur

Jun 04, 2019

Principles of Project Failure:  How to sabotage a project, without anyone noticing you.

by Agent 20-7

Version 050619.0002 

‘Something like 42% of all IT Projects Fail’ (Google that! 7 million hits).

Some of you might like to know ‘how to sabotage a project,’...

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Paul Field - ValueFirst Expert Interview

May 22, 2019

Learn how Paul Field helped transform 9 business lines, at a big international bank, using ValueFirst. They quantified three values at the top level and got everyone focused on delivering those three values.
And much much more... this is an in-depth interview.

Paul is based in London, UK and has...

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Power Planning Principles

Feb 05, 2019

Presented By Tom Gilb at Intel - Accelerate Results Conference

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Paweł Nowak - ValueFirst Expert Interview

Jan 22, 2019

Paweł Nowak on LinkedIn

I am an Experience, and Service Design consultant focused on solving peoples problems through empathy, collaboration and the wise use of design and technology. I adhere to a Human-centered design approach. I believe that a deep...

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Gus Power - ValueFirst Expert Interview

Dec 04, 2018

Gus Power - ValueFirst Expert Interview

His technical knowledge and more importantly, his knowledge of the dynamics behind software development is simply extraordinary. Gus sees links between the different parts of a problem that others would not even...

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