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20 Tough Questions every Project Manager and Product Owner should have in their Arsenal. These questions come with warnings

Nov 28, 2016


We tend to have these challenges in our project culture

  1. We tend to get stuck in building the detailed technical design;
    learn how to focus on the high-priority outcomes of a project.
  2. We tend to look like fools when people ask smart questions about our projects;
    learn to ask the...
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When you can Measure what you are speaking about, and Express it in Numbers, you know something about it

Nov 21, 2016


by Tom & Kai Gilb
(who we are)

Usually, projects fail to deliver value to fixed deadlines. Typically they ship something after the deadline with less value or quite often nothing is ever shipped. If this frustrates you as it frustrates us, keep reading. We cover some fundamentals that...

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DisConnected Value Chain?

Nov 14, 2016


by Tom & Kai Gilb
(who we are)

We typically have many, and varied, sources of support for reaching our own objectives. Teams, contractors, consultants, Scrum teams etc. Let’s call any instance that helps us reach our own objectives, our ‘support team’. 

I have...

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Clearly connecting the level of responsibility with objectives.

Nov 07, 2016


by Tom & Kai Gilb
(who we are)


Principle: Your Objectives Support The Level Above.

Your level of objectives must clearly support the level above you, your ‘boss’.

Ralph Keeney proposed an excellent practical idea to sort out your...

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On Limiting Your Project to 10 Critical Objectives, Initially.

Oct 31, 2016


by Tom & Kai Gilb
(who we are)

Principle: Prioritize Your Top Ten Objectives.

It is sufficient to initially focus on up-to-ten most-critical objectives, at any given level-of-responsibility.

There are usually far more than 10 planned-system attributes that we value, which...

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Summer Reading Recommendations

Jul 05, 2016


by Tom & Kai Gilb
(who we are)

At our recent GilbFest seminar we asked some participants for their recent favorite reading recommendations. If you like to read, you will find some gems here.


Tom Gilb

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future

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What Every Successful Project Manager should know!

Mar 04, 2016


How to capture, define and communicate successful outcomes in projects.

by Kai Gilb
(who we are)

Companies like Intel, Boeing, Bosch, Credit Suisse, Philips, Qualcomm, Schlumberger, Nokia, Citigroup, HP and many more report achieving excellent results from these specific techniques as...

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