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Tom Gilb speaks with Dave Rael about values, engineering, quantification, measurement, impact, and rewards

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Title: Episode 241 | Tom Gilb - Impactful Value



0:51 - Dave introduces the show and Tom Gilb
3:16 - Tom's business with his son, Kai
4:49 - Recognition for Tom's work and his focus on value and engineering
6:46 - The meaning of software engineering
8:13 - Tom's discovery of iterative development via common sense
12:17 - How Tom views the meaning of value
16:18 - Quantification for clarification
18:38 - Quantification and measurement
19:08 - Tom's career transitions
24:06 - The nature of architecture
26:22 - Tom's story of failure - limiting the scope of failure and an ambitious mission to turn software development into a real engineering discipline
35:20 - Tom's success story - the impact of the principles in his books, his ideas taking hold in real organizations
39:54 - Tom's book recommendation, Elon Musk, the joy of owning a Tesla, consumer value, and dreaming big
46:28 - The things that have Tom most excited
47:53 - Tom's lifestyle
51:08 - Tom's top 3 tips for delivering more value
52:07 - Keeping up with Tom


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