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We hit hard on prioritizing Value First!

We tell it as it is, even when the truth hurts. Most lecturers repeat each other's content with slight variations. We have only 100% original, unique content. Most lecturers make you sleepy; we entertain. We don't steer away from Value First, ever, in everything we do and say.


Please send us an email so we can explore the possibilities of us lecturing at your conference or your next meeting.

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but we really need to talk together to understand if and how we can best help you have a great conference or meeting.

Your Interest Group

We frequently entertain at company interest groups. Many groups have monthly meetings where they discuss specific topics. This is a perfect possibility to get introduced to Value First.



Need a speaker that can set the key for the rest of a conference. Contact us.

We Meet Partizipants

We love to stay and talk with the partizipants.


Exploring Possibilities

We need to discuss your needs and our fit, available dates, price. It all starts with you initiating it by sending us an email; then we take it from there.


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