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The CEO deserves a product development culture that thrives and consistently deliver desired business results.

Are products delivered late and over budget?

Are your development teams struggling to deliver value to the business?

Is your company's reputation as good as it can be?

Does all this frustrate you?

Are your customers underwhelmed?

Are you loosing money due to inability to deliver?

ValueFirst is Proven in B2B and B2C Companies

A sample of Companies that have used ValueFirst accross industries

Small Software House

Systems Engineering



International Banking



Military (US, UK, Norway)


Medical Appliances

Web Development


If you develop products and services, you need ValueFirst to do it well.

"ValueFirst contains powerful tools that are both practical and simple – a rare combination. Over the last decade, I have applied Gilb’s tools in a variety of settings including product development, service delivery, manufacturing, site construction, IT, eBusiness, quality, marketing, and management, on projects of various sizes. ValueFirst is based on decades of practical experience, feedback, and improvement, and it shows."

"This stuff works!" Erik Simmons
Intel Corporation, Requirements Engineering Practice Lead Corporate Quality Network

We Have Now Learned How to Repeatedly Succeed in Product Development

Companies Trained in ValueFirst Deliver Business Values

They Deliver Early and Frequently, Every Time!

They Always Deliver Within Agreed Budgets

They deliver World-Class Products and Services that your Customers Love!!!

The Developers Thrive being Part of a Successful Team with Clear Goals

Sales are flourishing

They are Proud to be led by their CEO


Get your Product Development Department to constantly Deliver World-Class Products, On-Time Under-Budget

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What Makes ValueFirst So Different?

The ValueFirst Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you and your teams how to move from a function, feature, and latest technology focus, and instead, you learn how to deliver value to the business and customers.

To enable this change, not just in saying 'value is important,' but in all actions, you have to learn how to quantify and measure all critical values.

This changes everything!
With quantified and measurable business, customer and product values up front to drive; development, decisions, prioritisation, risk, deliveries, budgets, and schedules. The teams become 10X more effective.

Companies all around the world have made millions of dollars using the ValueFirst Framework.

But, how do you know how to do it right? The answer is to attend a workshop or hire us to teach your company.

I understand the frustration as a CEO, the embarrassment of facing the customers and the business when your team delivers minimal value late.

Product Development and Engineering has a job to do and when they do not understand what it is it destroys the whole business.

We have developed the methods and trained the trainers that have trained 20 000 + engineers at Intel.

We have trained large companies like HP and City Bank as well as small companies like Confirmit and Bring to become world-class product development companies.

I will take you through the process to improve your teams 10X.

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What’s My Investment?

How much are delays in product development costing you?

How much is your teams' inability to deliver value to the business
and to your customers costing you?

What would it be worth to you if your teams delivered world-class levels of
measurable value to the business on time and under budget?

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2. We discuss your company's product development challenges, possibilities, and we work out a plan to drastically improve it.

3. We train your people and we execute the plan together.

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Get Started
1. Fill in the form to Schedule a meeting with us.
2. We discuss your company's product development challenges and suggest a plan to drastically improve it.
3. We train your people and we execute the plan together.