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Tom Gilb

“He is recognized as the founder or major driver of several technical disciplines such as ‘software metrics’ and ‘evolutionary project management’, as well as being an innovative pioneer in Inspections, and the inventor of the planning language Planguage. He is directly recognized as the idea source for parts of the Agile and Extreme programming methods (primarily the incremental cycles). ”

Kai Gilb

“Experience from decades of practice from all over the world in both tiny companies with tiny projects, as well as in some of the worlds largest companies and projects, is carefully incorporated through a relentless vision of excellence, farsightedness, clarity, efficiency, practicality and simplicity. If you want to learn to succeed in projects & product development, Kai Gilb delivers.”


“For us it is all about you. Empowering you to succeed in your projects. Helping you deliver value to your stakeholders. So this is your place. Go learn, and as many of our students have done before you, use the knowledge to create unrivaled success in your projects. We will be there for you in your endeavors, before, during and after, as support, as mentors, as coaches.”

Vision & Values

Tom & Kai Gilb specializes in helping our clients succeed in product development. We help our clients identify, specify & deliver quantified improvement results to their stakeholders.

We teach and consult the use of agile quantified engineering methods that can claim unrivaled success rates. Tom & Kai Gilb strive to be the very best worldwide in helping our clients succeeding in projects. For most of our clients OK is not good enough, they strive to be the best at what they do.

Tom & Kai Gilb

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