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Name Stakeholder Value
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Definition how well the Stakeholder does its Stakeholder-Functions.

Scale: average time spent, per sale, doing paperwork related activities.
Meter: look it up in the time management tool.
Past [this year] 2 hours.
Goal [next year] 15 minutes.

see Scale db(external link) for an extensive list of examples.


Stakeholder Values are the Scalar improvements a Stakeholder need or desire.
Product Qualities are the Scalar Attributes of a Product.

Stakeholder Level
Values, Functions, Development Resources, Solution Constraints.

Product Level
Qualities, Functions, Development Resources, Solution Constraints.

A Stakeholder would normally have their Stakeholder Values, irrespective of the Product you are developing. It relates to how well they do, or their business do.
Your Product, with its Product Qualities (e.g. Usability), can become the Solutions to satisfy a Stakeholder Value.

A Product could be developed with Functions and Product Qualities to satisfy Stakeholder Values.

A Stakeholder Values is 'attached' to Stakeholders. A Product Quality are 'attached' to a Product.

Related Concepts Stakeholders, Product Qualities, Levels, Stakeholder Level.
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