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% %Impact (Constraint) (DPP) (Limit, (PDSA) (PDSA-Cycle) (Parameter) (Planguage) (Process) (SQC) (Wish, (binary) (noun) (part (performance) (see *051 *091 *138 *168 *543 2003] A A-Bullet-Point A-Must AR Absolute Absolute-Impact Absolute-Specification Abstract-Strategy Acceptable Acceptable-Range Acquisition Act Act-PDSA Act-[PDSA] Action Activity Actual-Step-Content Adaptive Adjective After Agent Agent-class Agile Agile-Inspection AgileInspection Aim Allocated Alternative-Design Alternative-Designs Analysis Analysis-Of-Ideas Approach Architect Architecting Architectural Architectural-Description-IEE Architectural-Description-IEEE Architecture Architecture-Concept-Review Architecture-Engineering Architecture-Review Architecture-Specification Area Artifact Artifact-Development Artifact-Planguage As Assertion Asset Assets-Product-Line Assignable-Causes Assumed Assumption Attached-Specification-Element Attached-Specifications Attached-Sub-Specification Attribute Attribute-Level-Icon-Point Attribute-Level-Icon-PointmPlanguage Author Author Advice Log Authority Available BCS Background Backgrounnd Backroom Bang-for-the-Buck Base Baseline Baseline-To-Taget-Pair Baseline-to-Target-Pair Basic-Planguage Basis Before Benchmark Benchmarks Benefit Benefits Binary Binary Constraint Binary-Benchmark Binary-Constraint Binding Black-Box Blog Books Boundary Brainstorming Breaking-Down Budget Budget-Constraint Budget-Constraints Budget-Cycle-Constraint Budget-Level Budget-Requirement-Level Budget-Target Budget-Targets Budget-To Bug Business Business-Level Business-Rule-Practices Business-Rule-Specifications Business-Rules Business-Value CE CE-Evo-Mega-Step CE.DPP CMM CPI Capacity Cartesian-Analysis Case Causal Cause Cell Certificate Certification Chance-Cause Change-Requirement Changing Characteristic Check Check-To-[[SQC] Checker Checking Checking-Rate Checklist Claim Clarity Clarity Rules Clarity-Review Clarity-Reviews Class Classification-Concept ClearGoals Client Client-Stakeholder Cognizant-Engineer Colon Combine Comment Commentary Commitment-Parameters Common Common-Cause Common-Causes Commonality-Product-Line Communication Competence Competition Competitive Competitive-Engineering Competitors Complete Completeness Complex Complex-Step Component Component-Malfunction Components Compound-Statement Compress Concept Concept-Glossary Concepts Concrete-Strategy Condense Condition Condition-Constraint Condition-Constraints Conditional-Term Conference Confidentiality Consists-Of Constraint Constraint-Requirement Constraint-Requirement-Class Constraints Consulting Consumer Content Content-Review Content-Rules Context Context-Analysis Context-Diagram Continuous-Process-Improvement Control Control-Axis Control-Chart Control-Limits Control-Point Controllable Core-Ideology Core-Purpose Core-Specification Core-Values Cost Cost-Attribute Cost-Budget Cost-Constraint Cost-Design Cost-Effectiveness Cost-Level Cost-Level-Constraint Cost-Level-Requirement Cost-Requirement Cost-Target Cost-To Cost: (adjective) Courses Credibility Credibility-Rating Critical Critical-Factor Critical-Failure-Factor Critical-Success-Factor Cumulative Cumulative-Defect-Removal-Effectiveness Customer Cycle-Constraint Cycle-Priority DDP Data Data-Collection Deadline Debugging Decision Decision-Maker Decision-taker Decisions Decomposition Def Default Default-Value Defect Defect-Detection-Process Defect-Prevention-Process Defect-Prevention-Process-DPP DefectPrevention Defined Definition Deliver Delivered-Level Delivery Delivery-Cycle Demand-Constraint Dependency Depends-On Deployment Derivative Derivative-Source Description Design Design-Constraint Design-Engineering Design-Idea Design-Idea, Design-Ideas Design-Problem Design-Process Design-Specification Design-Target Designer Designing Development Development-Cycle DevelopmentResources Do Document Documentation Downstream Edit Effectiveness Efficiency Element Elementary Ends Engineering Engineering-Concept Entity Entry-Condition Entry-Process Environment-Constraint Environment-System Error Estimate Estimation Event Evidence Evo Evo-Plan Evo-Step Evolutionary Evolutionary-Project-Management Exit-Condition Exit-Process Experience Experience-Rating Expression External Fail Failure-Range Fault Feedback Focus-System Form Frontroom Function Function-Constraint Function-Design Function-Requirement Function-Target Fundamental-Constraints Fundamental-Objective Gap Generic Generic-Attribute-Level-Icon Generic-Constraint Global Global-Constraint Glossary Goal Goal-Level Headline Hierarchical High-Level IET Icon Ideal Impact Impact-Estimate Impacts Implementation-Cycle InDirect-Constraint Includes Incremental Incremental-Scale-Impact Indicator Information Infoware Inherited Input Inspection Internal Interview Intolerable-Range Is-Part-Of Issue Japan Keyed-Icon Kid Kin Language Learning Level Levels Local Logical Operator Logical-Operator Logical-Page Major-Defect Malfunction Management Manifesto Master-Definition Means Means-Constraints Means-Objectives Measure Measure-of-Effectiveness Measure-of-Performance Meetup Meter Method Metric Metrics Minor-Defect Mission Need Non-Commentary Not Note Noun Objective Objectives Optimum-Checking-Rate Or-Better Output Owner PDSA PDSA-Cycle Papers Parameter Past Percentage-Impact Perfect Performance Performance-Constraint Performance-Design Performance-Requirement Performance-Target Performance-to-Cost-Ratio Place Plan Plan-Do-Study-Act-Cycle Planguage Planguage-Concept Planguage-Term Planned-Budget Planned-Level Planning Planware Policy Practical Price Principles Problem Problem-Definition Procedure Process Process-Improvement Process-Improvement-Suggestion Process-Input Process-Language Process-Meeting Process-Output Product Product-Function Product-Quality Product-Value ProductQuality Production-Cycle Productivity Progress Project Project-Language Project-Management ProjectManagement Promised QA Qualifier Quality Quality-Assurance Quality-Control Quality-Level Quality-Status Quantification-Scale Quantified Quantify Quantifying Quantity Question-of-Intent Range Rate Rationale Record Regress Relationship Reliability Remark Requirement Requirement-Engineering Requirement-Specification Requirements Requirements-Engineering Residue Resolution Resource Resource-Constraint Resource-Requirement Resource-Saving-Requirement Resource-Target Resource-Type-Constraint Resources Restraint Restriction Result Result-Cycle Review Review-Criteria Risk Risk-Analysis Role Rule Rules SPC SQC Safety-Deviation Safety-Factor Safety-Margin Saving Scalar Scalar-Baseline Scalar-Constraint Scalar-Target Scale Scale-Context Scale-Impact Scale-Qualifier Scale-Qualifier-Definition Scale-Variable Scope Scrum Services Sibling Softcrafter Softect Softecture Software Software-Engineer Software-Engineering Solution Solution, Solution-Idea Source Spec Special-Causes Specific Specification Specification-Concept Specification-Concept-Review Specification-Constant Specification-Defect Specification-Element Specification-Intelligibility-Review Specification-Issue Specification-Language Specification-Language Parameter Specification-Maturity Specification-Meeting Specification-Quality-Control Specification-Quality-Control-SQC Specification-Review-Rule Specification-Rule Specification-Rules Specification-Type Specification-Variable Specification-Writer Specify-To Sponsor Stakeholder Stakeholder-Function Stakeholder-Level Stakeholder-Value Stakeholders Standard Starts State Statement Statistical-Concept Statistical-Process-Control Status Step Story Strategic-Constraints Strategic-Objective Strategic-Objectives Strategy Stretch Study Subjective Subjective-Adjective Subjectivity Subset Success Success-Range Sum-of-Performance Supplementary-Designs Supports Supra Survival Survival-Limit Symbol Systect Systecture System System-Component System-Defect System-Level-Requirement Systemic Systems-Architecture Systems-Engineer Systems-Engineering Systems-Engineering-Concept Tag Target Task Template Term Testing Threat Time Tolerable Tolerable-Level Tolerable-Limit Tolerable-Range Tool Trend Type Uncertainty Units-of-Measure Until Upstream Usability User User-Defined-Term Validation Value Value-Decision Value-Decision-Table Value-Delivery Value-Management Value-To-Cost-Ratio Value-to-Cost-Score ValueManagement Values Variation Verb Verification Veto-Constraint Video View Viewpoint Wish Work-Process Work-Process-Standard Workshop Writer XP [Planguage] [Qualifier] [SQC, [[Intel, [[PDSA] [[SQC] [[Specification-Defect [[WHEELER96].” [[development] active additional agile, and be can cashflow, certifyed change classification consisting contents. conveyance credit crunch culture dataware design) impacted-by limit logicware object of other priority supported-by synonyms systems architect vision {Architecture, “Do “Follow “For “The “does

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7 truths about Agile and Scrum that people don't want to hear. Part 1 of 7 Wrong Focus!

blog post
Part 0 of 7 [http://gilb.com/blogpost111-7-truths-about-Agile-and-Scrum-that-people-don-t-want-to-hear-P  

Business Case Planning: Quantifying 'Intangible' Business Value.  

blog post
A long term Client of ours asked, today, if we could help their people with quantification of intangibles, so we developed a special course outline for them. Maybe this will interest some of you too!  

Confirmit awarded Value Management certificate

blog post
We are very proud of Confirmit and their use of Evo . Trond Johansen and Peter Myklebust learned about Evo from us in late 2003 and realizing its potential got all its people trained and off they went  

How To Measure an Agile Implementation?

blog post
^"If you have any thoughts for the meters/scales you would use to gauge the successfulness of an agile transition, I'd love to know what they are. Thanks." . Here is my extensive reply, which I ho  

How you combine Value Management with Scrum to create great results

blog post
See the presentation I ( Kai ) held at Agile 2010 in Norway on how you Combine Value Management with Scr  

Image drawn from a Value Requirements Workshop

blog post
<- Click for larger image artist: Richard  

New Papers!

blog post
Value Engineering New paper, 25 Oct, http://www.gilb.com/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=137 Designing Maintainability in Software Engineering : a Quantified Approach New Pape  

New Value Management and Lean Inspection Certificate Holders

blog post
Congratulations to you all! {img fileId="  

Report with pictures from our Value Management experience workshop - building robots

blog post
Sorry about all these pictures, but I am very excited about this workshop ;-) {img src="tiki-downlo  

Tom Answers Interview Questions from www.agilethinkers.com

blog post
Here's my first few questions to you: -=Q1: Hi Tom . I started University in 1988 ... which is the same year that your classic book "Prinicples of Software Engineering Management" was published. Ac  

Value Delivery Achievement Awarded

blog post
{BOX(title="Award")}We are proud to announce that [http://gilb.com/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=366&trackerId=11&show=view&reloff=2&cant=22&status=op&trackerId=11&sort_mode=lastModif_desc|Jens Eg  

Value Project Management - Lean QA Classes and awards.

blog post
Another great week of workshops at the British Computer Society (BCS). Lond  

VALUE: Value officer, Value Manifesto, Value Principles

blog post
Do we need a Chief Value Officer (CVO) ? • All projects, IT and Systems, organizational development – are essentially about delivering value to Stakeholders . • Projects that we see, and the  

What is Productivity?

blog post
Productivity : Concept *659. August 6 2008 (New) Productivity is delivering promised value to Stakeholders . ‘Deliver’ Means actually measurable handed over and available