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Actions application/pdf Hidden file.pdf X Y 7.02 MB Thu 05 of July, 2012 Thu 05 of July, 2012 Tom Gilb13 points  Tom Gilb13 points  7601 Information
Actions application/pdf house-inspection sievers 2011.pdf Use of the Inspection Method in Building a House by Joerg Sievers Joerg Sievers
submitted Jlu 23 2011
100.39 KB Sat 23 of July, 2011 Sat 23 of July, 2011 1028781 points  2013 Information
Actions application/octet-stream WORDFILE.UEW Planguage Language Definition File The file you need to employ Syntax Highlighting to textual PLANGUAGE specifications, using UltraEdit (Windows).
Watch a Prezi on PLANGUAGE Syntax Highlighting using UltraEdit:

Don't forget: you can zoom in or out as you wish, or follow the predefined path through the Prezi.

I'm happy to help out with adaptions for other tools than UltraEdit. Please contact me!
Rolf Goetz
194.97 KB Thu 24 of June, 2010 Thu 24 of June, 2010 Rolf Götz1 points  221790 Information
Actions application/pdf MalotauxApcose2008.pdf Recognizing and Understanding Human Behavior to Improve Systems Engineering Results Many systems fail because engineers ignored, forgot to include, or incorrectly assumed how people actually behave. 111.03 KB Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 nrm Niels Malotaux 6015 Information
Actions application/pdf EvoRisk.pdf Controlling Project Risk by Design How the Evolutionary Project Management approach handles Risk by design. 590.64 KB Sun 30 of July, 2006 Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 nrm 4230 Information
Actions application/pdf EvoPlanning.pdf Evolutionary Planning or How to Achieve the Most Important Requirement Rewrite of the TimeLine booklet. Extra emphasis one what we can do if we find that, assuming working the way we currently are working, we won't make the project result on time. 472.54 KB Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 nrm Niels Malotaux 3231 Information
Actions application/pdf Booklet2.pdf How Quality is Assured by Evolutionary Methods The state of the Evo project management process after coaching over 25 projects at 9 organizations. A recipe to get started with Evolutionary planning. 295.19 KB Sun 30 of July, 2006 Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 nrm 3951 Information
Actions application/pdf HelpQA.pdf Help! We have a QA Problem! How Evolutionary Planning techniques immediately helped a tester to become more than twice as productive, solving a backlog of half a year of work in 9 weeks. 144.22 KB Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 Tue 22 of Sep., 2009 nrm Niels Malotaux 3188 Information
Actions application/vnd.ms-powerpoint Agile2009ResultIsAllThatCounts.ppt Agile2009: The Result Is All That Counts Presentation at the Agile Holland Conference 2009. 1.95 MB Thu 03 of Sep., 2009 Thu 03 of Sep., 2009 nrm Niels Malotaux 3690 Information
Actions application/vnd.ms-excel AE_Architects_IE.xls Impact Estimation Spreadsheet by Ryan Shriver XL File
Welcome, this is an Impact Estimation (IE) table for use on your projects to assess the impact of designs on qualities. This one is for Architects and
Requirements Analysts of software systems and based off the examples in my Agile Engineering presentations. If you have any questions, feedback or bugs, please email me at ryanshriver@mac.com. Thanks and enjoy.
81.00 KB Tue 25 of Nov., 2008 Tue 25 of Nov., 2008 Tom Gilb13 points  3848 Information
Actions application/pdf SHRIVER AGILE ENGINEERING FOR ARCHITECTS 2008 AE_ADC_2008.pdf Agile Engineering for Architects pdf of slides.
Become a systems engineer, not just a programmer!
Ryan Shriver > Managing Consultant

Focus here is on using Planguage for Design specification and evaluation.

Download this presentation at theagileengineer.com
1.84 MB Mon 24 of Nov., 2008 Mon 24 of Nov., 2008 Tom Gilb13 points  3279 Information
Actions application/pdf Shriver Value Delivery Slides 2008 MBV_ICSPI_Oct2008.pdf VALUE ENGINEERING USING PLANGUAGE SHRIVER: SLIDES IN PSF
I just finished this up for the ICSPI conference in Washington, DC in October. Same talk I presented at Agile 2008, but re-vamped to focus on just teaching basic Evo concepts with non-profit case study. Feel free to add to your downloads section if you think it's worthwhile.

Tom, I stole your concept of "presentation formats" vs "planning formats" from Vision Engineering and adopted this to "Rhetoric to Reality"
2.63 MB Mon 24 of Nov., 2008 Mon 24 of Nov., 2008 Tom Gilb13 points  3565 Information
Actions application/msword Anforderungsvorlagen from Goetz 2008 German Planguage Templates.doc GERMAN Deutch Planguage Requirement Design Templates Compliments of our good friend
3 of the Competitive Engineering Templates translated to German
54.50 KB Fri 31 of Oct., 2008 Fri 31 of Oct., 2008 Tom Gilb13 points  5068 Information
Actions application/pdf Planguage-introduzione.pdf Introduzione a Planguage A short introduction to Planguage - in italian 57.20 KB Fri 12 of Sep., 2008 Fri 12 of Sep., 2008 comai 3383 Information
Actions application/msword The Beginning of the End Defining Project Closure.doc The Beginning of the End: Defining Project Closure How do you know when your part of the development race is over? Learn how to establish a clear finish line for your project. 37.50 KB Thu 11 of Sep., 2008 Thu 11 of Sep., 2008 ExecutiveBrief 4542 Information

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