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Actions 853 application/pdf VALUE PLANNING' MASTER 31 Dec 2015.pdf Value Planning Book: Practical Tools for Clearer Management Communication Book Manuscript:

This is the Dec 31 2015 Pdf including the references.

It is being Sold from 5 Jan 2016 at LeanPub.Com/ValuePlanning for as little as $1 (recommended $5)

It is bundled with The Needs and Mens Tool, and of course automatic updates as we evolve the book. So please do not reference this download. But reference LeanPub.Com/ValuePlanning.

I just wanted to have a below the radar fairly good copy available for people who use our website, students of ours and people who I want to simply give a copy to.
Tue 29 of Sep., 2015 Wed 06 of Jan., 2016 Tom Gilb13 points  383 Information
Actions 830 application/msword Glossary PLANGUAGE MASTER.docx Tom Gilb's FULL Personal Unedited Planguage Glossary 18 Oct 2014
This is my updated and personal version. The CE book version is here on this site (2005 and 1/6 size of this)
I use this as a source for all other Glossary work on Planguage.
I will update it periodically here.

These are the NEW terms 2014
668 Generic Qualifier, *668 July 21 2014
669 OK: Okay Level, *669 July 30 2014 in connection with 4.9 of Comp. Plan. Book
670 Mitigation *670 in connection Comp. Plan. Manus 7.1/2 140814
671 Threat *671 distinguishing it from Risk 140814
672 Attack *672 distinguishing it from Threat 140814
673 Damage *673 140814
674 Robustness *674 = integrity? 140814
675 Intelligible *675 310814
676 Complicated *676 310814
677 Agile *677

Requirement is the most interesting update, several times since CE book 2005.
Sat 18 of Oct., 2014 Sat 18 of Oct., 2014 Tom Gilb13 points  2196 Information
Actions 573 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Agile Gilb References Edit 2013.docx Gilb as source of Agile Iteration Ideas Sutherland, Cohn, Beck, Highsmith and Early papers to document that Gilb is a 'grandfather' of Agile Software methods core, the idea of incremental delivery vs Big Bang waterfall Sun 31 of Mar., 2013 Mon 04 of Nov., 2013 Admin (Kai) 2043 Information
Actions 565 application/pdf A Conceptual Glossary.pdf A Conceptual Glossary for Systems Engineering: Define the Concept, don’t quibble about the terms. Paper 2006 Probably for INCOSE, otherwise unpublished and first put on my site Feb 2013 Tue 05 of Feb., 2013 Tue 05 of Feb., 2013 Tom Gilb13 points  3266 Information
Actions 537 application/pdf Eternal Principles(Grace) 2012 edit.pdf THE ETERNAL PRINCIPLES OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING a paper Tom wrote and held at a London College in 1989.
This is the first time I have made it web available.
It was the Grace Murray Hopper annual tal. One is supposed to predcit the future. But I decline that option here. I showed the paper to Grace and she liked it!
Thu 28 of June, 2012 Thu 28 of June, 2012 Tom Gilb13 points  2223 Information
Actions 387 application/pdf 321 Glossary from CE.pdf Planguage Concept Glossary as edited in Competitive Engineering book 2005 This is about 1/6 of the larger concept glossary, and is rigorously edited.
The full glossary is available as a docx download on this website.
Wed 24 of Mar., 2010 Fri 29 of Oct., 2010 Tom Gilb13 points  6451 Information
Actions 30 application/pdf Agile - Now What?.pdf Agile - Now What? PAPER.
Agile methods are typically only used for smaller less-critical projects. The challenge is rooted in the software industry’s dangerously limited view of requirements. This paper aims to shed some light on different types of requirements, requirements that are better suited for controlling both small and big projects systematically. It will go on to suggest some simple methods that the Agile community can adapt to regain systematic control while still being Agile. Following these simple principles one would be much better armed to tackle not only small projects, but also to expand the use of Agile principles to any size project.
Tue 02 of May, 2006 Sat 01 of Nov., 2008 Kai Thomas Gilb323 points  12596 Information
Actions 77 application/pdf 291 Ch010 Evolutionary Project Management.pdf EVOLUTIONARY PROJECT BOOK CHAPTER 10 CE: EVOLUTIONARY PROJECT
How to Manage Project
Benefits and Costs
by Tom Gilb, Published July-August 2005
Fri 02 of June, 2006 Fri 02 of June, 2006 Tom Gilb13 points  7903 Information
Actions 26 application/pdf CE-ch5-ScalesOfMeasure.pdf Competitive Engineering. Chapter 5 BOOK CHAPTER. A Handbook for Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering and Software Engineering Using Planguage

Sample Chapter: Scales of Measure.

More sampling can be done at Amazon.com

See the great reviews there too!
Mon 10 of Apr., 2006 Sat 20 of May, 2006 Tom Gilb13 points  12952 Information