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Value Project Management - Lean QA Classes and awards.

Published by Kai Thomas Gilb323 points  on Thu 12 of Apr., 2012 KaiGilb

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Another great week of workshops at the British Computer Society (BCS).

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London Easter Eggs

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We started with a Project Management Class

Project Management Group Picture

Soheir Ghallab organizing and making it all a pleasant workshop. Thanks from all of us!

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Then we did a Lean QA Class.

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The Lean QA Class group picture. Welcome as new Agile Inspection certificate holders. May you use it wisely :-)
The official list of Certificate holders.

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Mr. Dick Holland sharing experiences of how he turned a financial services company around using Value Management and Inspections. Read about how he did it: Paper and Slides

Mr. Dick Holland awarded Value Management & Lean Inspection - Master degree
Mr. Dick Holland awarded Value Management - Master and Agile Inspection - Master. With many years of experience implementing and practicing the disciplines, and getting outstanding results. Many congratulations from Tom & Kai and I'm sure the project management community. Official Registration