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Kick-Ass Project - a new online video based training class.

Published by Kai Thomas Gilb323 points  on Mon 23 of May, 2011 KaiGilb

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If you or someone you know are interested in learning the Competitive Engineering / Evo / Value Management methods in a light fun way, there is now a new option available. Introducing KickAssProject.com an online video based training Class.

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The Class is aimed at people running smaller projects than the projects we normally are involved in. It is a way to reach out to people who run projects that Tom & I normally don't reach. It is also a very Cost and time effective way to learn. No travel and no expensive public workshops needed to learn.

There are lots of free preview videos there.
You can start watching right away.
Head over to www.KickAssProject.com(external link)

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