Value Decisions Certification

Value Prioritizing Certification  

Professionals with a Value Decisions Certification have the skills to make decisions based on finding and prioritizing a set of Solutions that optimally satisfies a set of quantified Stakeholder Values or Product Values, numerically, with evidence, risks and uncertainties. Using a Value Decision Table, they can facilitate a Process between managers and engineers to solicit, prioritize, communicate and reason for the decisions taken.
This skill set will Add tremendous value to any decision taking Process. A Scrum Product owner or a project manager can prioritize and optimize a Product backlog or any set of Solutions to be implemented.

In depth knowledge in

How to evaluate how well a set of Solutions satisfies a set of Critical Stakeholder & Product Value Requirements.

Projects are Complex, there are many seemingly conflicting interests, and decisions have to be made. A Value Decision Professional learns how to focus on finding the Solutions that best satisfies a set of Value Requirements. How to pick the winners with a holistic view of the project. How to decide what to do next, what will deliver the most value for the next Value Delivery cycle (or Evo cycle), what to put on the top of a Product backlog.
Common methods for prioritization are at best weak, lacking oversight of all critical Value Requirements, actually usually in Complete lack of them. A certified Value Decision professional Add huge benefit in any project by knowing how to identify the most powerful Solutions compared to the Development Resources it consumes. They will ensure that the Sprints chosen are the most effective Sprints, that each Value Delivery cycle deliver maximum value to the Stakeholders.

Expertise Level

Certificate of training in Value Decisions.
Entry into official Value Management resource list.
Right to use title and logo: Value Decision Professional - Trained *
Holder of Value-Requirements-Certificate - Level Trained
A one day qualified training course.
A practical test.
Are you ready? Enquiries: Kai@Gilb.com Call +47 911 92 303 
 Image Certificate of actual usage of Value Decisions in a project.
Entry into official Value Management resource list.
Right to use title and logo: Value Decisions Professional - Praxis **
Holder of Value Decisions Professional - Trained
Actual Work checked and signed off by a qualified instructor.
 Image Certificate of mastery of Value Decisions.
Entry into official Value Management resource list.
Right to use title and logo:  Value Decisions Professional - Maestro ***
Holder of Value Decisions Professional - Praxis rating for a minimum of 1 year.
1 day qualified specialist training course.


For: Professionals who prioritize and makes decisions, representing the Stakeholders, portifolio managers, project managers, Product owners, architects and engineers.
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