Value Certification

We offer training courses and followup that entitle the participants to certification on a range of subjects, and to various levels of proficiency.


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Value Certifications

How to Specify Critical Stakeholder & Product Value Requirements.
Clear, Meaningful, Quantified, Measurable and Testable. Specified so they are representative of the real Requirements that your Stakeholders have and in such a way that your engineers/developers can develop towards them.

Go to: Value-Requirement-Certification

How to evaluate a set of Solution/Design ideas against a set of Value Requirements.
How to prioritize Solution/Design ideas against each other.

Go to: Value-Decisions-Certification
How to deliver Value to Stakeholders early and frequently. Using Value Delivery Tables to estimate, deliver and track progress.
Value Management
How to organize a team to manage and develop using Value Management. Roles, responsibilities, Work flows, skills, timelines, procedures etc. everything needed to successfully manage Value Management.

Go to: soon
 Value Product Owner (for Scrum Product Owners)
This skill set package is especially suited to Scrum Product Owners or Agile managers from XP or Lean that wants to represent their Stakeholders and deliver maximum Value to them, not just user stories or Functionality.
Go to: Value Product Owner
Enquiries:  Kai@Gilb.com            Phone:  +47 911 92 303           Public Certification Courses

Agile Inspection Certifications

How to perform an efficient Agile Inspection.
Using Inspection to Measure Document Quality, Sampling, How to write and inspect Large Documents, Inspection on Requirements & Designs & Code, How to use data to optimize your Inspection, Optimum Checking Rates, Defect Types, Defect Density, Numeric Entry & Exit

Go to: Agile-Inspection-Leader-Certification

Owning the Inspection Process: creating, managing and optimizing Rules, Checklists, Procedures, DB, Forms, Processes, Entry & Exit Criteria, Policies. Managing a pool of Inspection Leaders.
Enquiries:  Kai@Gilb.com            Phone:  +47 911 92 303           Link:  Public Certification Courses

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