How can We Serve You?

Even when people and organizations follow the project management methods taught in universities and books, very few projects are developed successfully: usually they fail completely or to some degree.

We have the expertise to ensure project success, independent of disciplines (telecommunication, software, hardware, small products, multimillion dollar projects, even environmental or aid projects) not only at the project Level, but also how to make it successful out in the field, with customers and other Stakeholders. We are here to help you succeed in delivering projects.

We do not run your projects for you, we teach, consult, coach or guide you, so you, your Processes and your people improve.

There are numerous ways we can help you. Our long time clients typically use a combination of our services. The best way is to call us for an informal chat, where we can talk about what you want to achieve and how we can customize our services to your specific needs.

Contact us at Kai at Gilb.com or call us at Mobile: +47 911 92 303

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We can sit down and rework your project with you, rewrite your Requirements, design, and set you up for an Evolutionary project.

With some help from your domain experts, we can write the project Requirements for you.

We can help you plan and install Inspection or Spec QC at your site.

We can Measure the Quality Level of your documents.

We can analyze your project plans, and give you invaluable feedback on if you are heading towards success or failure, what areas are weak and specifically what improvements are needed.

For more information see Consulting


Especially in London and Oslo where we spend a lot of time, we coach CTOs, managers, Product owners and development teams over a longer period. This usually contains elements of training, doing it with you, like sitting down and writing value Requirements for your project or putting together an Value Decision Table (IET) with you, helping with selling it into the organization, giving feedback, and generally being there to help you make it a success in your organization.

Having us coaching over time and letting us have a hands on approach have done wonders for several organizations and projects.

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We hold keynotes, tutorials, lectures.

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You can have us train your people in a variety of subjects that we offer; Evolutionary Project Management, Marketing Requirements Specification, Advanced Requirement Specification, Design, Specification Quality Control, SW Inspection, etc.

The training can be done within your constraints, whether it is a 45 min. lecture, or a 2 week training Class.

For more information see Courses

Evo Experience - Learn by doing
A 3 day practical workshop, using Agile Evolutionary Project Management & Product Development methods, developing robots in heated competition.
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For more information see Value Management Experience Workshop

Focused Knowledge Transfer Workshops
Excellent for company meetings, inspirational sessions, giving your people new ideas and skills.

Workshops sharply focused to teach you and your people key skills.

Learn, by doing, how to Quantify critical Product Qualities, how to optimally evaluate Design Solutions or how to get your project stared with Evolutionary delivery.

For more information see Knowledge Transfer Workshops

Value Certification
We offer training courses and followup that entitle the participants to certification on a range of subjects, and to various levels of proficiency.

For more information see Value Certification
Or go directly to a workshop: Value Requirements, Value Decisions, Value Delivery, Value Product Owner, Agile Inspection Leader, Agile Inspection Process Owner

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