Inspection Leader Certification

Agile Inspection Certification

Professionals with a Agile Inspection Leader Certification have the skills to plan, execute and follow-up an Agile Inspection. They know how to Measure the Document Quality through the use of sampling, optimum Checking rates, rules, procedures and numeric entry and Exit conditions.  
This skill set will Add tremendous value to any authoring Process where defects Add downstream costs.

In depth knowledge in

How to lead an Agile Inspection

How to quickly (within one hour) Measure the defect Level of any Document.
How to stabilize the inspection-effectiveness using optimum-checking-rates and specification-rules.
How to find defects, and how to estimate defects remaining that are not yet found.
How to use numeric entry and Exit conditions.

  Expertise Level

Certificate of training as a Agile Inspection Leader.
Entry into official Agile Inspection resource list.
Right to use title and logo: Agile Inspection Leader - Trained *
A one day qualified training course.
A practical test.
Are you ready? Enquiries: Kai@Gilb.com Call +47 911 92 303 
 Image Certificate of experience in Leading Agile Inspections in a project.
Entry into official Agile Inspection resource list.
Right to use title and logo: Agile Inspection Leader - Praxis **
Holder of Agile Inspection Leader - Trained certificate.
Actual Work checked and signed off by a qualified instructor.
To qualify, contact: Kai@Gilb.com
 Image Master Certificate as a Agile Inspection Leader.
Entry into official Agile Inspection resource list.
Right to use title and logo:  Agile Inspection Leader - Maestro ***
Holder of  Agile Inspection Leader - Praxis certificate for a minimum of 1 year.
1 day qualified master training course.


 For: Professionals who lead Inspections.
As a certified Agile Inspection Leader, you are trained and certified by the worlds leading experts and pioneers of Inspection. You and the people depending on you know that you have the expertise to professionally lead Inspections to the highest Standard.
Enquiries:  Kai@Gilb.com           Call:  +47 911 92 303           Link:  Public Certification Training


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