Evo Experience.

Learn by doing - Agile Evo Project Management

A 3 day practical workshop, using Agile Evolutionary Project Management & Product Development methods.

There is no better way to learn Competitive Engineering than to use the methods in competition. You will become an expert at using Impact Estimation Tables, to optimally find and execute actions (Evolutionary Cycles), into product enhancements (Product Qualities) that again will satisfy the Stakeholders. In this workshop, you will be able to combine all the Competitive Engineering methods, translate them into action, and learn how to to beat your competitors.

You will learn how to:

- identify and specify quantified Stakeholder-Value and Product-Quality Requirements, Function Requirements and Solution Constraints.

Scale: mean time between Failure.
Status [Mission 7] 70 sec.
Tolerable [Mission 9] 114 sec.
Goal [ Mission 9] 200 sec.
Failure: def. as: not able to return to base

- use Impact Estimation Tables to; find, evaluate and prioritize Solutions with the highest value to cost ratio,

Impact Estimation Tables

- organize the Solutions into Evolutionary delivery cycles and select the most effective ones.

- execute evolutionary cycles, including: developing, integrating, testing, delivering, learning and changing the Solutions/Evo-Cycles so they optimally satisfy the Requirements.

- Make team members work towards satisfying common requirements.

- Connect technical ideas to Product-Quality and Stakeholder-Value Requirements,

and then work back to the technical ideas, and modify them so they become more powerful in satisfying the Requirements.


We compete, play and laugh, while learning highly regarded, very competitive, agile project management methods.

Intel have trained 6000+ engineers in the requirement methods, that you will learn.

HP develop many of their competitive projects using the Evolutionary Project Management method, that you will learn.

Small companies like Confirmit use these methods with great success, reporting incredible numeric improvements to their Stakeholder Values and Product Qualities.

Public or in-house

Learn by doing - 3 day workshop

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