What seems so complicated, becomes so obviously simple.

Sit down with us, and let us show you through doing, on your project, with your documents, and your people. There is no better way, for you and your team, to learn; and to get a flying start on requirements, evolutionary project management or Spec QC/Inspection.

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Audit your Inspection or Peer Review Process

We can audit your inspection/review process for you and give you a report of where you stand, strengths and improvements areas.

Take the Inspection Self Assessment Audit (free, you need to register and login)

If you are not an expert, it is easy to waste a lot of time trying to get Inspection up and running properly. We can help you install Inspection / Spec QC / Review Processes properly.

We will guide you through all the critical steps; from Setting Objectives, Installing quantified Entry and Exit Criteria, making sure the Rules are useful and systematically improved, creating forms, training Inspection leaders, getting buy-in from managers, avoiding pitfalls, operating at the optimum checking rates, measuring the effectiveness and efficiency, etc.

Do you have Inspection running smoothly, but would like to get into the Defect Prevention Process (CMMI Level 5). We can help.

We can analyze and rewrite your requirements with you.

We can help you:

- move from hundreds of requirements (unmanageable), to a handful of critical Requirements.

- extract the solutions ’hidden’ in the requirement specification (generally solutions don't belong with the requirements).

- sort the requirements to the appropriate level. (Stakeholder, Product, Sub-Product. etc.)

- sort the requirements into appropriate categories (Stakeholder Values, Product Functions, Product Qualities, Solution Constraints, etc.).

- write the requirements so they are concise, clear, unambiguous, manageable, quantified, testable, etc.

Our clients typically experience a Gilb rewrite as a huge improvement, and simplification.

Check out: simplified example of rewriting a requirement.

Getting your project ready for Evolutionary Project Management

Do you like what you have learned about Evolutionary Project Management (you ought to ;-), but are unsure about how to get it started for your project or organization?

We are here to help you. We can get every aspect of your project in shape and ready for successful evolutionary management and result deliveries.

We often help plan projects to the point where our clients can start their first weekly evolutionary cycle the very next week, and they can fully continue the project from there onwards; evolutionarily.