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Definitions of concepts as used in Kai's Evo book, and also in {Planguage, Competitive Engineering, Spec QC etc.}. This Concept Glossary will not define every term in Planguage, it will focus on doing the central ones well.
Please feel free to contribute, add words that needs definitions, or improve definitions, or just point out what is unclear. While contributions are essentials, this is not a democratically developed glossary. I will exercise full editorial control, and edit anything as I see fit. Owner: Kai Gilb
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open Stakeholders the critical parties and products with an interest in our project. Any person, group of people, or Product that has or we want to have an interest in our project should be considered Stakeholders.
open Stakeholder Value how well the Stakeholder does its Stakeholder-Functions.
open Requirement Concept anything Stakeholders require.
open Project-Hierarchy-Level Levels in the project hierarchy, from Stakeholder Level to Product Level to Sub-Product Level to Solutions Level to Sub-Solutions Level. Where each Level is supporting the next higher Level and its existence is justified by its ability to support the next Level up.
open Product-Value or Quality how well the system does its Product-Functions as experienced by Stakeholders.
open Evo, Evolutionary Project Management

A method of project management that is Iterative and Incremental and a Learning Process (change). It is focused on delivering maximum Quantified Stakeholder Value and Product Quality Goals for minimum Development Resource Budgets.

open Development Resources Resources that can be used to develop a Product.